Théo Thomas Salvatore Demans

1992, FR

Théo Demans works as a sculptor and a scenographer.

Théo's works often consist in bringing to physical matters someone's immaterial practice into a physical, touchable or immersive extension.
Most of the research is based on the invention of contemporary sacral environnement in which audiences are invited to actively participate, the idea of creating safe spaces for togetherness and moment of collective hypnosis is at the heart of his thinking.
This practice includes the co-creation of different artists-run spaces, nomadic recording salon, sports opera, a few curatorial try outs and the artist duo touche-touche. Together with Melanie Bonajo, they represented the Dutch pavilion at the 59th Vennice Biennale of Art.

Exhibitions 2023
Variation for « TouchMeTELL » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Gwangju Biennale
curated by Defne Ayas and Natasha Ginwala
@Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Co
the color of honey — Cryséléphantine
curated by Joël Riff
@Fondation Hermès la Verrière, Brussels, Be.
When the Body Says Yes Ft Melanie Bonajo — Ft Melanie Bonajo
curated by Rein Deslé & Pamela Pieters
@Fomu, Antwerp, Be.
Variation for « TouchMeTELL» Ft Mélanie Bonajo — SEMA
curated by Jamie Jung
@SeMA , Seoul, Co.
Exhibitions 2022
The first flower monument Ft Astrit Ismaili — Miss Kosova performance
curated by Donjeta Murati
@Galeria e Ministrisë së Kulturës, Prishtina, Ko
WELL WELL — solo show touche-touche
curated by Boris Devis
@Everyday Gallery YYY, Antwerp, Be
Ashtray for non smokers by Mr. Gieszner — Cendar Brussels
curated by Leo Luccioni and Harold Lechien
@Zotto Galery, Bruxelles, Be.
Still life with fruits — A domestic art fair
curated by Nicolas Zanoni, Miguel Gonçalves-Alver & Morgan Dulong
@La vallée , Bruxelles, Be.
Fruiting Bodies bar & Pneumatophores — Everyday Gallery YYY booth
curated by Leo Lopez
@Collectible fair, Bruxelles, Be
When the Body Says Yes Ft Melanie Bonajo — 56th Venice Biennale d’arte
curated by Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg and Geir Haraldseth
@Dutch Pavilion, Venise, It
Exhibitions 2021
Pneumatophore — Potluck
curated by Boris Devis and Leo A. Lopez
@Everyday Gallery YYY, Antwerp, B.
Variation on Nocturnal Gardening Ft Melanie Bonajo — Potential Agrarianisms
curated by Dr. Maja Fowkes and Dr. Reuben Fowkes
@Kunsthalle, Bratislava, Sl.
Abundance Scenography Ft Clemence Seilles — Abundance Ch4pter Four
curated by Simon(e) van Saarloos & Vincent van Velsen
@Het Hem, Zaandam, Nl
Grolimunds riddle & Planet B Ft touche-touche — It enters in what we become
curated by
@Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, Nl.
Balancing bonds Scenography — The Institute of things to come: Melanie Bonajo and Pauline Curnier Jardin
curated by Valerio Del Baglivo
@Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, It.
Sick Sad World Ft Tarek Lakhrissi — Bonaventure (Trafiquer les Mondes) 22e Prix Fondations Ricard
curated by Lilou Vidal
@Fondation Pernod Ricard, Paris, F.
Fern reception Ft Frizbee & Soshiro Matsubara — MUSÉES ROYAUX DES BEAUX ARTS DE BELGIQUE AND ETC.
curated by Carolin Giessner, Mattias Medear & Vincent Vanden Bogaard
@Fern, Belgium, Be.
Still life with fruits — The ghost between the guest and the host
curated by Gia viewing room
@Gia viewing room, Paris, Fr
Oil flower in a vague vase, Epidrome & Karmax — The spectacle of our Lifes
curated by Deborah Bowmann
@De Studio, Antwerp, Be.
Slap stone — Colors, etc… Lille 3000
curated by Siegrid Demyttenaere & Sofie Lachaert
@Tripostal, Lille, Fr.
Mnetonimic Pneumatophore — Le fou Sauvage
curated by Jacopo Pagin
@SB34 the Pool, Brussels, B
Variation on Nocturnal Gardening Ft Melanie Bonajo — Joseph Beuys und die Schamanen
curated by Dr. Alexander Grönert
@Museum Schloss Moyland, Bedburg-Hau, D
Cretackossians slabs Ft touche-touche — Synode, Parler le paysage
curated by Feÿ Arts : Emmanuelle Agustoni, Jessica Flore Angel, Lloyd Broda, Salomé Burstein et Myriam Treiber
@Palais Synodal, Sens, Fr.
The color of Honey Ft touche-touche — As a self portrait
curated by Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei
@Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Venice, It.
Grolimunds riddle & Sub antic Crackossians Empire slabs Ft touche-touche & Aguavva — Life on planet Orsimanirana
curated by Jerszy Seymour, Amica Dall, Emanuele Braga, Macao
@MK&G, Hamburg, G.
The first flower monument Ft Astrit Ismaili — AB7 ECLIPSE Athens Biennal
curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah, Poka-Yio, Omsk Social Club
@7th Athens Biennal, Athens, Gr.
Dr. A (Planks in a row) Ft touche-touche — Prelude
curated by Stefanie Everaert & Caroline Lateur, Theo De Meyer, Tatjana Pieters Christophe Urbain
@Galery Urbain
Exhibitions 2020
Softalism (touche-touche solo show) — Tumulus
curated by Boris Devis
@Everyday Gallery YYY, Antwerp, BE
QueenCrash Ballroom — La vita Nuova
curated by Parkingstone and Christine and the Queens
@La marbrerie, Montreuil, FR
Slap stone — Kleureyck
curated by Siegrid Demyttenaere & Sofie Lachaert
@Design Museum, Gent, BE
Blops for « TouchMeTell » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Mirrors of time
curated by Annemie Van Laethem, Erik Croux & Mat Verberkt
@Kastel d’Aspremont-Lynden, Oud Rekem, B
Eilen « Fake Paradise» Ft Mélanie Bonajo & Carolin Gieszner — Making kin
curated by Anna Nowak
@Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, NL
Hearth, (touche-touche) Ft Carolin Gieszner — Limbo
curated by Boris Devis and Leo A. Lopez
@Everyday Gallery YYY, Antwerp, B
Sick Sad World Ft Tarek Lakhrissi — Risquons tout
curated by Dirk Snauwaert, Zoë Gray, Devrim Bayar, Helena Kritis and Sofia Dati
@Wiels Museum, Brussels, B
Soil Bags for « Nocturnal Gardening » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — One swallow does not make a summer.
curated by Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Vincent chier and Robert Thiele
@Kunsthaus, Dresden, D
Exhibitions 2019
Moulures Spé — 'Le trogloxène'
curated by Théo Demans
@Déborah Bowmann, Bruxelles, BE
Mnetonimic pneumatophores — 'From Dusk To Dawn'
curated by Morph and Division by Zero
@K11 art foundation, Guangzhou, CN
Bodiescape for « Nocturnal Gardening » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Be Fragile! Be Brave!
curated by Rebeka Poldsam
@Pori Art Museum, Pori, FI
The We and The Living — ‘We couldn’t find the door’ Bel Animals
curated by Morph and Chloé Royer
@Fey Art, Chateau du Fey, FR
Variation for « Progress versus Sunset » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Kunsthalle’s cabinet
curated by Meike Behm
@Kunsthalle, Lingen, DE
TouchMeTell — 'Shape to Echo'
curated by Xavier Bourgeois & Nagib Chtaib
@Espace X, Bruxelles, BE
Variation for « Progress versus regress » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Dreams Cast in Concrete
curated by Bart Rutten & Laurie Cluitmans
@Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL
Embodiement at Rest — 'No Time To Waste' Het Resort Residency
curated by Karina Bakx & Ellen de Haan
@Het Resort, Groeningen, NL
Blops in green for « TouchMeTell » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Stedelijk Lab
curated by Maren Siebert
@Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam, NL
Blops for « TouchMeTell » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Cinekid Festival
curated by Ward Janssen
@Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam, NL
Sub-antic Crackossians slabs — Alfa.Brussels
curated by Boris Devis
@Alcova, Milano, IT
Aqua Gova Vvofa — Shape to Echo
curated by Xavier Bourgeois & Nagib Chtaib
@Espace X, Brussel, BE
Sleeping Beast for « Progress vs Sunset » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Creatures Made to Measure
curated by Tanja Seiner
@Design Museum, Gent, NL
Mnetonimic Pneumatophores — Dissolving views
curated by Morph
@Alcova Sassetti, Milan, IT
Calor Calor Tefal Effectis — In real Life
curated by Boris Devis
@Everyday Gallery YYY, Antwerp, BE
Casa casino — Palace Of Play
curated by Morph
@Alfa.Brussel, Brussel, BE
Exhibitions 2016
Sweat Pool — Parkingstone VII
curated by Simon Thiebault
@Le chinois, Montreuil, FR
The Vigil for « Fake Paradise » Ft Mélanie Bonajo — Artefact, The act of Magic
curated by Karen Verschooren & Ils Huygens
@Stuk, Leuven, BE
La ronde — Co-Founding & opening of « Le Marquis »
@Le Marquis, Ile Saint Denis, FR
KARMAX thurible — Options
curated by Deborah Bowmann
@Deborah Bowmann Gallery, Bruxelles, BE
Night Soil Ft Clémence Seilles & Mélanie Bonajo — Next Level exhibition series
curated by Foam
@Foam , Amsterdam, NL
A Giant Tongue for « Progress Vs Regress » Ft Clémence Seilles & Mélanie Bonajo — 50 years of art
curated by Ellen de Bruijne and Stella Lohaus with Akinci Gallery cologne and the avant-garde…
@Art Cologne, Koln, DE
Mortal Recording « Movie Soundtrack » Ft Clémence Seilles and lots of guests — Festival 100 pour Cent
curated by Charles Carcopino
@La Villette, Paris, FR
Mortal Cinema for « Economy of Love » Ft Clémence Seilles & Mélanie Bonajo — Close-Up
@De Eye film museum, Amsterdam, NL
Alfalfa Ft. Laurent-David Garnier — ’Body Liberation’
curated by Victoria Dejaco & Manuel Scheiwiller
@Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, CH
Exhibitions 2015
Aqua Gova Vvoofa — Moucharabieh (by Clémence Seilles)
curated by D. Dupuis, C. Kopp et S. Patron
@Triangle France, Marseille, FR
Basic Temple Ft. Thomas Ballouhey — ’Suspended goods Delicate Holes
curated by Deborah Bowmann
@Deborah Bowmann Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Surrounder, an extra collision Ft. Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold — ’Bassin Ouvert’ (by Clémence Seilles)
curated by Emanuelle Guidi
@Ar/Ge Kunst Gallery, Bolzano, IT
Mortal Recording Ft. Clémence Seilles and guests — Punt WG residency
curated by music salon
@Punt WG Amsterdam, NL
Eau de Jouvence Ft. Laurent-David Garnier — ’The Harder You Look, The Harder You Look’
curated by Victoria Dejaco}
@Fluc Kunstsalon, Wien, AT
Hyper Dual Temple — ’Ossip Lux’
curated by Dirty Art Dept, Sandberg Instituut
@Van Eyck Orphanage, Amsterdam, NL
Exhibitions 2014
Facing Ft. Brendan Michal Heshka — ’Une exposition avec de la céramique
curated by Camille Besson, Serafin Brandenberger and Vianney Fivel
@Portmanteau, Geneva, CH
Lil Bumbo Sista — Non Stop Plaza
curated by Parking Club
@de Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL
Kayfabe Tournament
@Haute Ecole d’Art et Design, Lausanne, CH
Masterkey Ft Brendan Michal Heshka & Reinier Kranendonk
@Studio for Immediate Space, Master Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, NL
Basic Temple HabitsdeNous GuestList Serie Ft. Thomas Ballouhey
@Post Norma, Amsterdam, NL
Making Group Show
@Design Lab, Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, NL
On special effects
@ KASK Gent, BE
@Dirty Art Departement, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, Nl
Studies 2015
Graduated from the Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam
Master Degree from the Dirty Art Department
Studies 2013
Graduated from Ecole d’Art et Design de Reims
Bachelor with additional study on Food Design
Part of Everyday Air residency, BE
Co-founder of the artist run space Post Norma Amsterdam, NL
Member of Morph
Part of touche-touche
Co-founder of the project space Le Marquis, Paris, FR
Represented by Everyday Gallery