Site specific installation for an open air public swimming pool,
The sculptures of 'Embodiment at rest' melt in the heat like the regular visitors on the tanning tribune.


NO TIME TO WASTE group show
during Het Resort Residency
at de Papiermoelen swimbad in Groningen.

Quibus Auxilis

Ceramic, concrete, paint, swimsuits, polymer resin, towels, styrofoam.


'Embodiment at rest' function as a tactile bridge, as a fusion between the urban architecture of the pool, the plasticity of peoples bodies and the fluidity of the environnement. The installation also aim to corelate the idea of a on going active exhibition, performed by the users of the tribune themselves by recontextualising the entire scenario with the abstract sensual sculptures display. It shows a more intimate way of confrontation with the architecture.
the work is all about the collision between infrastructure’s rationalisation and multiplicity of bodies.


Hardened swimwear and ceramic biomorphic tile architecture are composing a human size installation installed on the tribune of the swimming pool as any other visitor.
The sculptures are placed on towels, like the surrounding tanning person lying , sitting or acting on the bright white stair case.
The shapes are made first, then the tiles are made one after an other, then bisq and glazed, then replaced on the shape during the entire month of residency in situ.


Het Resort Residency curated by Karina Bakx & Hllen de Haan
in residency with Elise Ehry and Willem de Haan
text by Vanessa van 't Hoogt & Anna-Rosja Haveman
pictures by Sjoerd Knol