HabitsdeNous was a clothing and counterfeit manufactory created in order to answer to a couple of doubts about fashion production. The utopian aim of this project was to create a machine able to produce simple sewing pattern clothing, and the economy to make this machine happen.


The first manufactory was placed in a 8 meter square basement in Paris,
The exhibition 'Suspended goods Delicate Holes' at Déborah Bowmann Amsterdam ' was organised
along a production workshop called 'Basic Temple' in Post Norma Project Space.
The products has been showned during "I Never Read" Art Book Fair Basel
And During the Fablab de la Maison folie de Moulins, pendant Lille 3000 in 2015

Quibus Auxilis

cotton, silicon, printscreening, juice, chewing gum,...


HabitsdeNous was an independant label, fuctionning as a mini production house, reversing the system of hand made industrial, which is still the base of garments mercantile manufactory, in order to create what could be seen as mechanical craft, leading to new aesthetical codes, free and naives. The label claim the elevation of a sophisticated lo-fi culture.


Everyone is making t-shirts, let's Make t-shirts!
They are made out of one rectangular piece of fabric folded on itself, and all cut out is used. teh neck, the bottom, and the arm holes are sealed with silicone. All the design are created through artists collaboration.
The price is based on the the work spent on the piece.

The biggest success of the 'brand was reach while producing counterfeit logos of brands drawned by childrens.


Curated by Déborah Bowmann
project in collaboration with Thomas Ballouhey
T-shirt by Daniel Van Straalen, Juliette Lizotte, Leila Arenou, Michele Rizzo, Aaron Mc Laughlin