The hyper Dual Temple is a betting arena.
It's made to show non-human fights, within a display that allow for special effects and poetic entertainement. Everyday a different type of dual would be performed in front of an audience that could bet money and appreciate watching tool fights, neon sculpture destruction,...


This project happened during the grouo show 'Ossip Lux' by the dirty art departement, in the Van Eyck orphanage in Amsterdam.

Quibus Auxilis

Speakers, tribunes, video projector, retro reflective chroma key camera set up, beamer, fight cage, betting booth, machine tool, neons, censer and five operators.


The project deals with the concept of Kayfabe borrowed from the american wrestling league: the suspension of disbelief. By taking codes and technics of the media entertainement in sport, the spectacle allow for a more imidiate answer from the audience towards performance art.


For the part of the show called 'Tool Tournament' the exhibition was sponsored by the hardware store Gunters and Meuser.
the master of ceremony was able to control the battles in order to create more spectacular or diasapointing actions.


Big thanks to all the people who helped making this mess happened.