Karmax is a sculpture, a pendulum,
part of the thuribles serie started in 2015.
This machine sculpture has 3 mains functions;
VPN rotor, that allows its users to access a crypted connection online,
smoke machine, that the exhibitors can activate by a remote control
and ventilator, set with a variator on the sculpture.


Karmax was exhibited for the first time during ‘Options’
an exhibition in Deborah Bowmann Gallery,
in an office based configuration.
Now, the machine goes from art spaces, to night clubs, and vice versa,
getting often confronted with other sculptures from the on-going thurible series.

Quibus Auxilis

mat. aluminum, silicon, rope, led pc ventilators, smoke machine, VPN router, wi-fi antenna, remote control, magnet, paperclips.


Karmax allows its users to dive in spacial and virtual anonymity,
its an ode to camouflage,
that replace the internet use in a sacral dimension,
essential and magnified.
The sculpture present itself as a daily working tool,
appropriate by pseudo fictional users;
sometime a family picture is fixed on it,
some paperclips are disposed on a magnetic side,
scratches appear with habits…


The sculpture is suspended, it works on 240 volt, it needs to be refilled with smoke liquid, it can be configured with wi fi connection, it request a password to get online vpn access.


Exhibition with Alix Brandenbourger, Tatiana Defraine, Théo Demans, Will Pollard and Tom & Arthur.
Curated by Déborah Bowmann
Pictures by Ludovic Beillard