Lil Sis Bum installation is a serie of mechanical dancing sculptures, all of them linked to a controller reacting to the sound coming out of a central soundsystem.


The group show was organised at De Fabriek in Eindhoven.

Quibus Auxilis

The serie is made of poor recycled home equipements mainly coming from the trash yard around the corner of the exhibition space. A white string attached to a ceiling ventilator is going up and down in front of a black light, a swinging four poster bed following the movement of a spinning hammer, a booty shake machine made of an electric whisk and balloons filled with water, and corded to all the sculpture, a soundsystem covered with tar.


Lil Sis Bum is a sort of tribute to the dancehall movement in general, it puts in shape a really simple emotion: the feeling of being deeply connected to a movement while being totally out of it. This installation was a way to express the strange way this music genre resonate in me, while creating this dancing altar as a proof of a possible sane assimilation.


The four parts of the installation are all connected and activated by the music played on the soundsystem, in this way the exhibition space is transformed into a constant mechanical dancehall party where each separate scenes have different movement and rythm, sometime entertaining, sometime deceiving,


Exhibition with the Dirty Art Departement
Curated by parking Club
Pictures by Parking Club