Mortal Recordings lounge,
this time in the shape of a sport opéra,
keeps on creating new poetics environments
and radical scenarios of musical composition.
Ordalie is melting together, modern fencing,
elctronic music and tragic opera.


the composer’s cortege,
and it’s two fencers,
gives a representation of their concert-dual
at La Capela, Paris ,Xth district

Quibus Auxilis

Foils and armors are connected to a device that works as a drum pad,
which means that when the foils are touching,
an amplified and synthetic sound is produce
same when a fencer touch is opponent.
The musician, most of them from the electronic or techno scene, compose live
the soundtrack of this fight.
sometimes the dual conduct the symphonie,
sometime the fencer get submerged by the rhythmic of the composers
An other character compose the lights,
The referee recites in the microphone poems, lyrics, interludesand join the body dance.


Both technologic and dramatic aspects of the fencing dual are getting confronted to the sculptural and immersive atmosphere created by the artist collective
that activate and compose this performance,

By inventing an unknown and informal format, the lyrical limits of sport are pushed into a tragic dimension
in both harmony and schism with the music.


The show iconsist of a poet as referee, two athlets as dancers, a machine as a light operator, two foils as orchetra conductor, four music composers.


sculptures and installation by Guillaume Henry, Lucas Biberson, Erwan Sene, Théo Demans, Raphael Rossi,
electronic machine, costume and fencing by Gaston Vidalie
music by Sene, Hasar de Doria, Fatma Pneumonia
texts by Théo Wong