PALACE OF PLAY presented by Morph:
In between a gambling ring and a country club,
we want to offer you 3 days of joy during our off-event of Collectible fair,
around a collection of games created by our team.


Go through the parking space of the house-casino Avenue V V, grab your coins at the currency exchange booth, and have a drink while scanning the different game tables available.

Quibus Auxilis

While entering the Palace of Play you will be able to
choose one of the gaming tables in a set-up atmosphere.
Step in an immersive space, where everything is choreographed, from the coin exchange booth to the dimmed light’s of the waiting room.


Each invited artist has been creating a table game for the players to bet on, cocktails and hookak on demand.


M O R P H,
the trans-disciplinary collective,
gathered 16 artists to welcome you
in their Palace of Play for a moment of distraction.
Through this exhibition we want to put interactions
back in the field of design and art, and create a performative exhibition.
Just like a play, each viewer will have his/her role and will be able to interact with the scenery we will have set-up.


PALACE OF PLAY presented by Morph:
off-collectible brussels:

Thomas Ballouhey, Théophile Blandet, Anaïs Borie, Chan Chian Chun, Koos Breen, Théo Demans, Misha Gurovich, Anna Aagaard Jensen, Romain Kloeckner, Audrey Large, Jānis Melderis, OrtaMiklos, Clémentine Schmidt, Hala Tawil, Carolin Gieszner,
Lou Buche & Javier Rodriguez,
Hosted by alfa.brussels & touche-touche

Pictures by Ties Bemelman
Visuals by Misha Gurovich & Janis Melderis