Since 2015, Simone Thiebaut aka Drame Nature has created the Parkingstone Venue and has meticulously choosen and invited a tremendous amount of artists, performers, musicians, dj's, in order to create outstanding alternative inclusive parties in Paris. I had the chance to play (Salives Keta) a couple of times and to do the scenography in various clubs that hosted the event.


It all started at La jarry squat in Vincennes then traveled to le chinois in Montreuil, le trabendo in Paris, la marbrerie in Montreuil, ...

Quibus Auxilis

Bull bars, curtains, smoke, prints, led strips, ecstasy, sechuan pepper, fuzzy pop.


The club is a sacred place for many nightbirds, you can make it up as such, a holy nest.


It's like make up for space, it should drip at the end of the night.


One project in collaboration with Arthur Tramier
Parkingstone Curated by Simone Thiebaut
Pictures by Parkingstone, Thomas Conch, Lilian Harduoineau